Bryce Harper Workout Routine and Diet Plan

The baseball player Bryce Aron Max Harper, professionally referred to by the name Bryce Harper, is an American professional. His birth date is on the 16th of October 1992. He was born and raised at Las Vegas, Nevada, United States. In the present, he is playing right in the field in the Philadelphia Phillies of Major League Baseball (MLB).

A young Harper was first introduced for the team when he was 19 years old. He played for The Washington Nationals Club. The renowned “LeBron James of Baseball” due to his athletic physique, 29-year-old James maintains his workout routine constantly, which has attracted millions of fans from all over the globe. To boost Harper’s strength, agility in timing, power, and strength He followed the following routine of exercise and diet regimen. First, let’s look through his body’s stats.

In this post, we’ll be discussing Bryce Harper and his workout routine. He also has well for the job and is one of the most popular for his followers. We have put together an entire list of what you should learn about his fitness routines. Read it.

Bryce Harper Body Statistics

  • Birth Year: 1992
  • Birth Date: October 16
  • Height: 6 ft 3 in or 190.5 cm
  • Weight: 98 kg or 216 lbs

Bryce Harper Awards and Achievements

  • 6x All-Star (2012, 2013, 2015-2018)
  • 2x NL MVP (2015, 2021)
  • All-MLB First Team (2021)
  • NL Rookie of the Year (2012)
  • 2x Silver Slugger Award (2015, 2021)
  • 2x NL Hank Aaron Award (2015, 2021)
  • NL home run the most successful (2015)
  • Golden Spikes Award (2010)

Bryce Harper Daily Routine

In addition to his physical abilities, Washington Nationals outfielder Bryce Harper was named the National League MVP for 2015. The 23 years he’s been in aren’t going to ruin him. He’s committed beyond his years, and knows what causes his body to beat. “I work on my hips, my glutes, my tiny muscle groups,” Harper says. ” And I put as much good food and water into my system as possible.” In spite of his size of 6’3 inches with a weight 215lbs, Harper is an individual who lives by routine. You can see the typical morning on the field at Nationals Park by watching it from the conclusion of a night game until the beginning of another.

10.15 p.m. — Harper arrives at the locker room , and starts the process of recuperating and getting ready for the following game. ” I change, talk to the media, take my amino and glutamine,” Harper says. ” Then I eat my dinner.”Meals comprise of carbohydrates, protein as well as vegetables. Every night, Harper eats steaks or chicken, while the rest of the time he eats fish such as salmon or tilapia.

11. p.m. — Harper is given a vigorous massage in the room for training with a focus on his feet and legs. ” That’s my stable base,” Harper says. “It all starts with the feet.” He is running for five minutes to eliminate the lactic acid that is accumulating in his legs. He then spends an hour in the cold bath and 8 minutes of hot tub. The regimen consists of 3 switches. Matt Eiden, the Nationals strength and conditioning coach affirms that Harper is a benefit of this method because it helps reduce inflammation as well as other side effects of exercise, speeding the recovery process.

1. a.m. — Harper typically is asleep in the period between 1 and 2.2 a.m” Depends on my levels of adrenaline”-and Harper tries to sleep for over 10 hours per night. “Everyone is talking about eight hours however I would prefer to sleep for 10 hours during the winter months. It’s best for you and your physique .”

12 noon – An average breakfast option to Harper is a substantial portion of avocado, as he is looking to replenish his body’s energy quickly. Breakfast menus typically consist in three pancakes made of sweet potatoes topped with the chocolate chip, sausage of turkey and bacon, as well as two whole eggs, two egg whites, and avocados served on bread that is gluten free. Since the past two years, he’s been gluten-free, aswell being careful with his dairy intake however, he does have an addiction to frozen ice cream. “Mint chocolate chip or anything with caramel,” is what he loves. “I go to the freezer and think”Oh, it’s okay! One spoonful isn’t that good .'”

2- p.m.— Harper goes to the park for through a quick pacing session. Eiden oversees Harper’s full-body workout every three days. “Weights, med balls, plyometrics,” explains Eiden. At times, they are focused on fundamental strength as well as balance, flexibility and speed. “I’m trying to get a sweat going, and keep my muscles toned,” Harper discusses his method of training. ” And my core is where everything comes from for my swing.” After your exercise, it’s time to jump back in the cold and hot baths.

3. p.m. — Harper starts batting practice with a quick 25-minute stint in the cage. takes around an hour prior to the on-field training. After that, it’s time to eat lunch, and he’s got another carb, protein and vegetable combination. In the mid-season, Harper is a clean eater and he’s open about the fact that he has a craving for Oreos and cereal, exactly like the other 23-year-olds.

4:45 p.m. — Harper is cutting his own cuts during batting practices for the team and also stretches and running to loosen up throwing outfields, as well as shagging the fly ball.

5:15 p.m. — A light snack before the game: fruits, and grilled salad of chicken followed by video games at the clubhouse. Harper mentions his favorite game “Mario Kart on the Wii” is one of his favorites. Harper won’t eat anything else until after the game dinner. “I don’t like gum or sunflower seeds,” the man admits ” If I need something during the game, I might have a Gatorade Fuel Bar to give a burst to my system.” He also drinks water, too. A quite a lot. ” It’s ridiculous how hard it is to put a gallon and a half of water in your system every day,” he says. “A majority of the time, you’re bored and would like to consume food. This is usually due to dehydration.” Harper drinks water before bed to avoid getting dehydrated the next morning.

6.15 p.m.— The team stretch and Harper wears his uniform. Harper goes to the sauna following the workout! The 10 minute sauna time harks back to Harper’s high-school days in hot Las Vegas, where you could soak in your shirt before you took to the field. The best place that is ideal for Harper is when he’s totally relaxed with his warm body.

6:30 p.m. — After a run on the field and recuperating from his sprints Harper is able to mentally prepare for. The top player of the National League is about to begin a new game and a different day in his daily life.

This was his everyday routine. In the next section, we’ll be focusing more on the kind of exercises Bryce is doing.

Bryce Harper Workout Routine

Despite his hectic schedule at training, this professional baseball player does his best to ensure his body is strong and healthy. It is also as flexible as is possible.

“I do my best to strengthen my glutes, hips and my small muscles. Additionally, I incorporate as much healthy water and food into my body as I can.” […] I’m trying to get my sweat up and keep my muscles in shape. The base is where everything is coming from when I hitting.” -Bryce Harper, American Professional Baseball Player

In many ways Bryce Harper’s workout routine is not too different from his March-October workout routine. The routine consists of stretching out, followed by a 45-minute body-weight workout, which includes heavyweight lifting, squats, deadlifts, bench presses Yoga, Pilates as well as running and swinging, and so on.

The emphasis, instead of increasing muscles, is on Harper’s overall strength and balance, as well as agility, speed, flexibility along with overall physical fitness.

To stay focused, he stays away from social media sites like Twitter. He does post workout videos to his Instagram page which includes some videos and photos.

The following details provide more specific information about the things the man does.

Every day, he arrives at the training facilities at around 5 am, to join with his team for a 90-minute exercise (which could last for more than an hour on legs days).ht

The athlete gets warmed up by 10 minutes of cardio like stationary biking or running, prior to working out.

Alongside training for bodybuilding, he also does the full-body strength workout 3 times per week (heavyweights as well as plyometrics and exercise ball and similar).

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The training regimen consists of 25 minutes of box for batting followed by batting sessions with the team on the field. There, he can catch fly balls, perfect his throws to the outfield and develops other fundamental baseball abilities.

Stay hydrated during your workout by drinking plenty of fluids or energy drinks before starting Bryce Harper’s exercise routine. Be sure to warm up prior your workout, and stretch your muscles following an easy cool-down. It will enable you perform your exercises and exercises without a chance of injuries.

In the off-season Harper always goes to the gym, and is able to indulge in deadlifts using trap bars and squat sets. In addition to doing Pilates exercises time and posting short videos and images of his exercises on his Instagram account to motivate others to follow his example.

Functional Training

A large part of Harper’s regimen for training is functional training. Harper is working on these movements in order to improve his physical strength while playing on the field. The majority of functional exercise comprises of heavy compound movements , such as deadlifting, squatting as well as bench press. In his training program, he also works his body 3 times per week using plyometrics, heavy weights and exercise balls. The aim is not to build huge quantities of muscle as bodybuilders do however, to increase general strength, not to create more muscle.

Typically, Harper wakes up at 5am every day and is able to meet team members at training centres about four times a week. On days when he is on his legs the majority of his time is spent working out for about two hours. On other days, he’s out for about an hour. The goal is to build his core strength so that he can play in baseball. Harper requires exercise every daily for between 10 and 15 minutes in order to strengthen his core. A hike or jogging for 30 to 60 minutes will get him warmed up prior to his workouts.

A good illustration of the type of full-body, complex exercises that one of the top baseball players does during his sessions of functional training to shed body fat, enhance strength, balance, and the size of muscles, improve physical skills, and ensure an outstanding performance on the field.

  • Exercise 1 Exercise: Hard row or bike 10-minutes
  • 2. High to low cable chops three sets with 12 repetitions each side
  • Exercise 3 Squats on top the exercise ball three sets ofplus reps
  • 4. Barbell Power Cleans Three sets with 8-12 repetitions
  • Exercise 5: Do jump squats and jumps on the box three sets with 20 reps

Cable chops from high-low to low

Harper’s fiery character Harper can make him one of the most popular ball players of all time within the big leagues but his outrageous behavior and fitness regimen isn’t intended for kids. Alongside cable workouts, Harper uses lighter weights to build strength in the lower part of his body as well as his midsection. Harper employs a technique known as the high-to-low cable chop to serve as an illustration. It requires the pulley set at a certain height above your head to perform the exercise. Just attach your hands to the pulley and then chop the up until you’re on your toes. When you perform this oblique workout it will help you build you ability to rotate and pivot in order to smash baseballs. You should do 12 repetitions each side over three sets.

The exercise ball can be used for squats.

The methods Harper exercises are unique due to many reasons, such as his unusual method of squatting. When Harper is working out she performs squats the top the exercise ball, without using a ball. To complete sets that consist of more than 20 repetitions this workout requires an extreme level of stability and balance. If you are having difficulty managing your movements while standing on a surface that is unstable like an exercise ball doing the squat can become very difficult. Based on an ESPN interview on “Body Issue” from 2015, Harper reportedly can barbell lift 405 pounds that is quite challenging.

Power purifies

In the beginning, it was named “The Chosen One,” this phenomenon has a wide amount of weight lifting exercises in order to show performance within the workplace. In Harper’s program for extreme training power cleans are one more example of the exercises he uses. Power cleans can aid in building muscles and shed fat when you do the exercise. To be able to do them, you have to perform a full-body, explosive exercise that requires your entire body to move in perfect harmony. Your shoulders, back back and legs are particularly challenged. Do not attempt an exercise without proper execution. It is highly recommended to consult an experienced personal trainer if uncertain about how to do an effective power cleanse.

Jump squats in an empty box

Training exercises that encourage plyometrics reduce body fat, while improving metabolic output and improving lower body’s strength and explosiveness. A great illustration of this method is Harper’s jump squats in boxes. Squats that are jumped help quadriceps increase their power due to intense training. Three sets, 20 reps each set to reap the maximal benefits. Given the power at his lower body, it’s not surprising that he slams baseballs through outfield walls in ballparks throughout the United States. Through a vigorous training regimen, he’s in a position to keep his performance levels high.

This is all about the exercises that Bryce is doing in his everyday routine. In the next part we will go over some of the techniques Bryce employs while working out to get the maximum benefit from his workout.

Bryce Harper Workout Tips and Tricks

If you’re wondering what Bryce is on the most and is able to slam his workouts each time, Here is a complete an exhaustive list of workout techniques he employs. Have a look.


“There’s going to be pressure, there’s going to be expectations every single year,” Harper says. Harper. “That’s just how sports are in general for everyone.” How do you handle this? “I have a tiny group of people who stand by me each and every day. It all starts with my wife. I have great friends. .”

A player also knows that he isn’t in a position to consistently perform at the level of an MVP and is aware the fact that there are instances when where he isn’t able to perform at the highest level. “If I can look myself in the mirror and say I worked hard that day and did everything I could to help my team win, but I just didn’t play that well–well, that’s just going to happen.

If you’re struggling to achieve their full potential should follow his suggestions: ” Your mind will shut down before your body does, so if you can push through that, then you’ll be where you need to be.”


It’s normal for teams and players to go through periods of slump. The secret to getting back up to speed is to not be overwhelmed by the success, according to Harper. “You can’t really think about or dwell on what you did the night before,” Harper states. “If you’re 0-4 and 4-4 it isn’t a big deal. It’s the fifth at-bat that is the most important .”


In in the winter months, Harper’s workout routine isn’t too different from the routine he follows from March through October. In this workout Harper stretches and does an intense 45 minutes of full-body exercise prior to working on swinging, running as well as other baseball fundamentals.

After becoming the father of his child, he follows the same routine. He and his wife Kayla Varner and they welcomed their baby boy Krew with the birth of their son in the month of August of 2019.

” I married an athlete, so it’s great,” the man declares. When he was in high school, and at college, Varner was a star soccer player.) ” She takes him in the morning if I need to train, and I’ll take him in the afternoon or evening.”


Prior to Covid-19 which ended most activities across the United States for 2020, Harper stated to Muscle & Fitness that preparing for the ruthless pitchers in his division was his primary concern. “The NL East is a massive pitching juggernaut. It’s going to be a battle with Jacob DeGrom Max Scherzer, Noah Syndergaard, it’s going to be hard ,”

It was all about strategies and tricks Bryce employs throughout his day routine. In the next article we will also learn more about his diet regimen which will help us learn where he gets so many energy levels

Bryce Harper Diet Plan

In the foods he eats, Bryce Harper mostly consumes organic whole foods, which are not GMOs and that are free of dairy, nitrate, or gluten, like grass-fed beef, steaks and fish, whole grains as well as fresh vegetables and fruits.

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Foods cooked at home by his mom, such as the ranch sauce, spaghetti and grilled chicken are among his favorite dishes.

This person typically enjoys a full breakfast at noon. He consumes:

  • Turkey bacon/sausage,
  • Two eggs in total together with the two whites of an egg.
  • Gluten-free avocado on bread and
  • 3 sweet potato pancakes topped with chocolate chips.

For dinner and lunch He usually mixes:

  • Veggies,
  • Carbs, and
  • Protein from fish, steaks, like tilapia or salmon or other types of meat.

A late-night snack may be consumed includes a cucumber and avocado sandwich.

As the season advances, Harper eats clean and is careful not to eat processed food as this makes him feel tired.

He also enjoys frozen Eggo Waffles topped with honey and peanut butter prior to the game Ice cream and a scoop of mint choc chips, cereal, caramel, Double Stuff Oreos, Klondike Bars, and Starbucks pumpkin spice lattes or drinking a glass from a Mountain Dew carbonated drink.

Additionally, he refrains from drinking energy drinks and alcohol because they have high levels of caffeine and sugar. Fresh organic juice that is that is made of apples, oranges as well as cherries, cucumbers green tomatoes, or Kale is his preferred choice in place of Red

For better recovery and to prevent the development for cramps Harper utilizes natural remedies like glutamine powder, which is mixed with amino acids, yogurt and fruits.

Bryce Harper ESPN Body Issue Diet

“The Body Issue” in ESPN The Magazine’s most popular publication each year, based on their reps (and in all honesty, why should they tell the truth?) The Body Issue, 20 other athletes were naked, including Bryce Harper, Odell Beckham Jr., Ali Kreiger, and Aly Raisman. As per the release the event gives the opportunity to view an athlete’s body. professional athlete and this (to us, at the very least) is the equivalent to people saying that they purchased Playboy to read articles.

While working on his body in preparation for the shoot for the upcoming edition the 23-year-old Harper increased his exercise routine and diet to get the best outcomes. Alongside being a bit of a distraction, it appears to defy the purpose of showing the athlete’s body, it appears to be an edgy version of renting a shite prior to when MTV Cribs stops by your home.

The Washington Post article stated the following about Harper’s time-saving routine:

“[Itconsisted of] three sessions and six meals each day, until the days consisted of no food, the last week, when Bryce Harper consumed only juice. Seven different raw juices. Then, over the next two weeks, prior to when exposing your muscles in front of ESPN’s photographer the athlete added salt to his water to ensure it would allow him to hydrate himself without adding weight.

On the day of the final shoot when he was stripped naked and posted his results to the world the world, he woke up to do one last workout however, when the time came to refresh himself after a shower, he dumped his water away. When he got to the fields at University of Nevada Las Vegas to shoot, his body was totally exhausted. He slurped raw, white potatoes into his gullet since he knew that how much glucose as well as glycine that they were containing would flow straight to the muscles, which were begging for food, whatever type of food they could come across.

It makes you pop,’ Harper said. “It helps you stick out. ‘”

If you’re curious about what juice he was using to reproduce it without further research, he gave the following details:

“Green four times a day, a watermelon-strawberry combo in the morning, a red cayenne-and-coconut concoction midday, and an almond-milk protein mixture before bed.”

Furthermore, Harper explained why he did what he did because baseball players are often given an unpopular reputation in regards to athletes’ perceptions. In spite of the fact that Babe Ruth was the most famous player in history but the sport is perceived as being played by people who don’t appear like athletes. Harper’s perspective:

“I did it for baseball,” said the player. “Baseball players get an unpopular image of that we aren’t active or not strong, or the like. The players are so dedicated to baseball that it’s amazing. People don’t realize this. I wanted to tell them”This is our game. This is what we do.'”

It was all about his diet that makes him unique in the field. In the next segment we will be watching an interview with him about fitness. the athlete, in which he discusses some more details about his fitness level and how he stays up with his fitness levels.

Bryce Harper Fitness Interview

Let me know about how a typical day of training will look like. What’s the is the time of your waking early in the day?

In the summer, I’m usually awake between 11:15 a.m. between 12 and 11:30 because we go home at such a late hour. Sometimes it’s not even dinner until about 1 a.m. I try to rest whenever and as often that I am able to. I’m usually on the field at 2:30 or 3 hours. I take my time getting my treatment in, exercise and get whatever I need to be accomplished prior to hitting practice. After that, we do a throw, hit, or stretch together as a team. When I return and eat dinner, then take a break and then do a full exercise prior to the game. After that, I head out to play.

Full-on workout prior to taking part?

It’s typically between 25 and 30 minutes of intense training. In this method ensures that I’m firing every muscle of my body, and I’m doing all I can to make things happen correctly. It is helpful when I’m in the field. The things that work for me may not be suitable for another. However, I’m finding items that are working for me. Although, it’s the same thing often throughout the time of year. Therefore, you must be comfortable with the kind of routine you’re involved in, or else you’ve picked the wrong career path.

If there are thousands of people following your every step, how do you keep your mind focused on your task at the moment?

The field is my home, where I’m content to be. It’s where I’m relaxed and nobody is able to interfere with my work. I truly enjoy being in front of 45,000 spectators at evening, shouting and screaming with their kids. I love going out and playing baseball in the sport I play. It requires a lot of you during those three and a half hours of playing, both mentally as well as physically. It’s an uphill grind for 162 games. However, I’d rather be on playing baseball than do any other thing.

Any mantras you go back to?

It sounds funny however I try to not think about it at all. If you are thinking too much about it, the worse off you will be. I’d like to know that I am aware of how I act and the way I go about it. It’s not my intention to find my personal style. I’m just trying to be a part of the activities that will aid my team in winning.

What is your diet like? Strict, or Nah?

I’m around 90% gluten-free, dairy-free. This is because there are instances when I reach for the ice cream I’ve been eating and can’t stop myself. However, for the most part, I’m trying to eat a healthy diet regularly. I’m always testing to find out what will aid my body in recovering more quickly, and which foods won’t assist my body in recovering faster. I eat rainbows almost. This is what we call it. Consume organic grass-fed food and non-GMO foods, nitrate-free as highest quality I possibly can. And , you know that I am a fan of juicing (Harper says he likes the apple and turmeric blendsand such. Bulletproof coffee. Kombucha. A tart cherry juice. Turmeric shots. Lots of water. Many drinks.

You’re in a position right now to give some advice to the 16-year-old who everyone is watching. What advice would you give him, the person who’s just beginning his career?

I was so overwhelmed by the need to accomplish this, doing this, even at the age of 19. I was forced to be before millions of people at the top of my game in sports. I would encourage him to be just himself. You are the person you are. I’d like to not have done the things I’ve done but like I’ve said I was young. I’m very happy with my life and what I’m doing now. I’m looking towards the next 15 years of my life as a player of the baseball game, in and out of the field.