Fishing For Jade in Genshin Impact

Fishing For Jade in Genshin Impact

If you’re looking for a new World Quest, try the “Fishing for Jade” quest in Genshin Impact. In this massive open world RPG, you must search for a sand dune called the “Aurora Aperture”. It will require you to swim through the water and collect fragments of jade. In this quest, you’ll receive a Water-Logged Box, which you can bring to Baiwen, who will discover preserved documents. This will give you a Hero’s Wit, which you can use to level your characters in the game. You’ll also receive an Adventurer’s Experience, which will help you to advance through the levels in the game.

The “Fishing for Jade” quest requires you to collect a lot of flotsam and fish in the waters of Liyue Harbor. Fortunately, you’ll also receive a reward: a Mora. This fish is a rare type of fish, and is worth around 3,000 gold pieces. When you complete this quest, you’ll receive two rewards: Adventurer’s Experience and Hero’s Wit. These two items can be used to level up characters in Genshin Impact.

To start the Fishing for Jade quest, you must visit the Liyue Harbor and talk to Kun, the NPC that is based in this area. You’ll find him on a pier, walking through the center of the harbor. The sea is littered with fragments of the Jade Chamber, but most of the big pieces have already been cleared away. But, you’ll need to clean up the smaller pieces. This quest is essential if you want to earn the Hero’s Wit required for leveling up your characters in the game.

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After completing the Sacred Lan quest, you must head north and finish the “Fishing for Jade” quest. This quest will give you the ability to travel to the south Wharf and the “Aurora.” The next step in this quest will be to complete the Sacred Lan Legendary Quest. Once you’ve completed this, you’ll be able to begin fishing for the sand dune.

The fishing for jade quest is a small one in the first part of the game. The second part, titled “Return of the Jade Chamber”, requires that you complete the Ganyu story quest in the game. To complete the Fishing for Jade quest, you must reach the island’s reputation in the port to unlock the second part. Once you finish the ‘Return of the Jade’ world, you can also go to the port and continue the game.

The first part of the fishing for jade quest involves contacting the NPC Kun in Pelabuhan Liyue. After meeting him, you can take the quest. The next step is to clean up the sea to collect the jade. This is important for the game’s portability. There are other parts of the game, such as the fishing for jade, that require you to collect boxes. It is important to collect all of the floating boxes for both parts to be completed.

After you complete the first part of the quest, you’ll receive a Water-Logged Box with preserved documents from the Sinae Unicornis. You can then deliver it to Baiwen to earn a Hero’s Wit. The reward is a Hero’s Wit, which you can use to level your character in the game. If you find a few pieces of jade in the sea, you’ll be rewarded with an Adventurer’s Experience.

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The Fishing for Jade world quest is a simple task in Genshin Impact. There are more than a hundred other quests in this game, and each one can be difficult to unlock. Once you’ve completed Sinae Unicornis, you’ll be able to unlock the Fishing for Jade World Quest. To unlock it, you need to obtain Story Keys and then clean up the sea to find the golden ring.

Besides the “Fishing for Jade” quest, you can also complete it by talking to NPC Kun in Pelabuhan Liyue. This quest is available in many languages, including Android, iOS, and PC. The “Fishing for Jade” World Quest is an introductory quest to the game. Once you’ve completed the quest, you’ll receive a bonus that will increase your experience and leveling.