5 top body builders are they on steroids or natural?

1. Jeff Steid

When looking at muscle building, one man stands out quite clearly and that man is Jeff Seid. Jeff Seid is a certified Personal Trainer with the American Council on Exercise. He is also a certified Personal Trainer for the United States Department of Defense. What this means is that he has had many years of experience working with military individuals as a strength and conditioning specialist. He is very knowledgeable in the field of body building and what works and what doesn’t.

Now, is Jeff Seid on steroids or natural? That debate is likely to rage on for some time. But is Jeff the most knowledgeable on the topic of body building? That is a determination that can be made only by you and me. The bottom line is that there are only a few names on the market when it comes to body building and most people aren’t in any way related to the internet. The ones who have been in the industry much longer than anyone else and who know a lot more about what works and what doesn’t than anyone else are the real experts.

If you want to make it in the world of body building, it is imperative that you learn from those who know more than you do. Learn from those with the knowledge and experience. Learn from someone like Jeff Seid who is unarguably the cream of the crop when it comes to body building. Do this and you can bet your life that you will never go wrong when it comes to your physique.

2. Simeon Panda


Recently, I’ve been reading a sensational piece in the September issue of Men’s Health magazine featuring a six-part fitness series called “Simeon Panda IS ON STEROIDS.” The piece was written by fitness guru Michael Geary and featured fitness expert Dr. Ray Burton. According to the article, Dr. Burton examined the results of a Japanese study done on a bodybuilder who had been using the powerful Stimulant called Adiposlim, which is included in Simeon Panda. The Japanese study found that Simeon panda reduced the rate of his blood glucose levels fourfold compared to the bodybuilder prior to using the supplement.

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The article then explained that Dr. Burton has used simeon panda to help other body builders avoid common mistakes that often lead to burnout and injury. For example, he pointed out that one of the main reasons that many body builders fail to reach their goals is because they eat too many bad calories. He also explained how someone panda helps the body build more lean muscle tissue and that the increase in muscle tissue actually burns more fat. And since the body builder is cutting out the bad calorie source, the weight loss naturally occurs along with an increase in muscle mass. That means the fat is naturally decreasing while the muscle mass is increasing.

As a former bodybuilder myself, I was thrilled to see someone panda being used as a weight loss aid among professional bodybuilders. And, Dr. Burton is not the only trusted medical advisor touting the incredible results of simeon. The Japanese Government and medical community are recognizing the benefits of this unique supplement. They even named it after someone panda, the first ever wild panda. It’s clear that the popularity someone panda has gained is directly related to its ability to burn fat and help the body build more lean muscle tissue.

3.Bradley Martyn

IS Bradley Martyn a body builder who is trying to gain mass? This is a question many men ask themselves when they think about all the supplements, pills, potions and weirdos out there on the market. When you have a son, it’s natural for you to become fixated on gaining as much muscle as you can when he’s young. You probably feel that you are responsible for his nutrition, at least a little bit, because his body is so small and fragile at this age. Is Bradley Martyn a man who is taking advantage of his father and his body?

This article from the British Journal of Sports Medicine claims that Bradley Martyn is not using performance enhancing drugs when he trains. In fact, the article goes on to say that Bradley Martyn has a perfectly normal exercise routine. According to the doctor, Martyn is doing everything right. He’s just doing it at a much higher intensity than is usually required by people his age.

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Some people have the mistaken idea that the only way to get large muscles is by taking unnatural substances. This is a myth, as any man who is serious about his bodybuilding must know. In fact, nature provides most of the nutrients a body needs. Bradley Martyn is a perfect example of a healthy man using natural means to bulk up. If you want to know more about the man and his work, there is no better place to look than his own website, which you can find below.

4. Helmut Strebl

So from looking at Helmut’s body, there’s nothing that jumps out to me and shouts STEROIDS, apart from the fact he’s got exceptional vascularity. Steroids can cause you to look more veiny due to an increase in red blood cell count and by thinning your skin. However, because he’s 49 years old his collagen levels will have decreased significantly, meaning it’s natural for him to be a lot more vascular compared to his 25 year old self.

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Thomas states that training should be about feeling good. Rather than just vanity, although a little vanity certainly doesn’t hurt. He says that to motivate himself. He doesn’t get fired up by listening to Disturbed or Rage Against the Machine at high volumes, nor does he chug gallons of pre-workout.He instead digs deep mentally and thinks about how far he’s come and how much he has achieved. He has landed multiple sponsorships and magazine deals. He motivates others, he has one of the best physiques in the industry.

So, the verdict is in. Is Thomas Delauer on steroids or natural? Well, after much deliberation, we believe that Thomas Delauer is, in fact, a natty. He looks great, and we have certainly seen steroid users with less-impressive physiques than his. But we’ve also seen natural athletes with more impressive physiques.

So, we believe that he is natural.