Gaslighting Americans

Are the Trumps of the world really the ones that love America? The question should be, why do we love it when Trump lies to us? In the recent primaries, the Trump character repeatedly made statements that he was going to “win” the Hispanic vote, then the election anyway. He promised in the first debate to “get Mexico to pay for the wall,” then said no such thing. Then he said the next day that we need to have a border, but no such words were used.


Let’s examine this pattern a little closer. The last two major party presidential candidates all said they wanted to take “rid” of the “bad guys,” and they often described their plan as “dealing with the criminals,” or as one candidate said, “not taking the criminals out.” These are all lies, obvious lies, just like everything else Donald Trump says.


Why is this? We are taught from a very young age that the American President is our hero, the liberator, the healer, the creator of America. This is a lie too. The truth is that the American people elect these folks because they believe they are better than all of the other options on the table. They elect these folks because they are terrified of being left behind by the globalists who want to divide us and sell us down the river to China and other unipolar, third-world nation states, which are run by corrupt leaders who care less about America and much more about gaining wealth and power for themselves.


This is a lie too because no matter how many times these globalists promise us that they will bring us together, it is only a lie. Still, it is easier to say it than to do it. That is what makes life so terrible. We are being lied to day in and day out by this globalist political leadership, which includes crooked politicians, career politicians and media personalities, whom we elected. Now it is time to stop being a sucker, stop being a sheep, and start to stand up and be counted.

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That is not to say that we should throw away our American way of life or that we should give in to the political correctness and start worshiping political correctness instead of God. Far from it, what we need is to teach our elected officials that it is never too late to fight for what is right and stop listening to the liars. We need to hold them accountable and throw them out of office if necessary, but unlike the current administration, who we can vote out if we get tired of being lied to, we cannot vote out every single liar in an election. Therefore, it is incumbent upon all of us to take a stand and fight for every ounce of political gaslighting we get our way.


But how do we fight it? What do we have to watch out for? Let’s take a look at some of the more obvious ways in which we can be gaslighting. The first one involves lying about your background. You see, while you might have come from a poor family and work as a cab driver in New York City, you can make up facts to make it seem as though you came from a wealthy family who owns fancy private jets. Keep in mind that is not necessarily what actually happened, but simply a way to make yourself look good and believable to the far left.


Another way in which you can be a little bit of gaslighting America is by lying about your achievements. While many of us may not believe the impossible, you can make yourself seem to think it is so. For instance, you may have won their game Miss Universe, but then you added 10 pounds just within the month and declared that you lost the weight. While the pageant was on in Las Vegas, you made sure all of your pictures were taken with a completely fresh face, right? While we do not doubt that you may have gained a little weight, what we are looking at here is a clear case of you painting a target on your audience.

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Of course, the most severe example of gaslighting an American audience is by making up outlandish statements about how great you are, or about how much money you make. No matter how many times you read this book, it will not make any sense to you. In fact, it may make more sense to say that every time you tell a lie you should think about what kind of liar you are. That is how you gaslight America. Please consider this in 2021.