How Tall Is elon Musk and whats his net worth

elon musk height

How tall is Elton John? In this case, I am talking about his net worth, or how much money he is worth. His net worth is estimated by some sources to be in the region of six figures, although others have put it at closer to seven figures. This article attempts to set the record straight on the matter.

how tall is elon musk


In answering this question, I think it is important to understand where we come from. We do not know how tall Musk is. We do know that he is tall though. Some people have said he is about six feet, while others say he is as tall as six feet ten inches. We just don’t know.


That being said, I believe we can put this issue to rest, or at least explain a little bit of the issue, because right now, it remains a mystery. At this point, all we know is that he is a billionaire. This may not change in the future. This statement, however, does not take into account what others have said about him, which leads me to a more pressing question.


Where is the mystery of how tall is elon musk? It appears that Musk is the product of two trends: the baby boomer generation and the preppy, yuppie generation. And he was born to each of these trends.


What are baby boomers? These are people who were born during the Post-World War II baby boom, when America was on the road to recovery from World War II and immigration levels were high. Baby boomers are considered to be smarter, more educated, and more socially conscious than older generations. In other words, they are “hip.” And they are the generation that gave us Musk.

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So where did Musk come from? Well, he was probably born in Africa, but that’s not sure. And he lived in Southern California as a child, so again, that’s not sure. But one thing is certain. Musk is, in many ways, the perfect baby boomer.


He fits in perfectly with the generation of people who were thinking and speaking the same thoughts (and sounds) as he did. And that’s why the “how tall is elon musk” question is really just another question. And a good question, at that.


The interesting thing about asking this question is that it illustrates how we are all aghast at the technological advances that seem to have swept through our world. The computers, the cars, the phones… it’s a world of giant, blimp-like machines. And yet, these seemingly monumental machines work and function and even love us, because they are part of the system. That’s how we should think of ourselves, as a part of the technological network. And that is how tall Elon Musk is.


In fact, many of us, including me, have at one time or another asked ourselves this question, which is very common among the tech-savvy elite. How tall are a Silicon Valley entrepreneur and PayPal founder? We cannot help ourselves, and yet it always seems to us that those who seem to have the most success and sense of humor are often the shortest in stature.


And then there is Musk, whose actual biological height is not known. He is listed at 5′ 9″, but when you really look him in the eye, it is unclear. He appears to be average physically, but there are those who believe he is much shorter than his actual claim. This is an interesting point. And yet, it does reveal something about who we are and how we should see ourselves.

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It is also interesting to ask how old Musk actually is. In fact, he is under no doubt a very young man. But what is interesting is that he is probably right in considering himself. And that is, perhaps, why so many are so taken with his intellect, his drive, and his brilliance. Those very things are so rare in this world and age that they almost seem mythical.


So, back to the original question: How tall is Elon Musk? Well, we’ll have to wait and see. But one thing is for sure. The man has a lot of questions, some of which are likely to be answers some day.