dwayne johnson charged with importing human growth hormone into australia

Wrestler Dwayne Johnson has been charged with importing HGH into Australia. The charges stem from a trip Johnson made to Thailand where he was supposed to have injected with human growth hormone. Instead, he received unopened packages of capsules filled with calcium sulfate. HGH is a hormone produced by the pituitary gland that helps in the normal functioning of all bodily processes. It is used primarily for bodybuilding purposes.


The hormone HGH is used by older men who want to retain their physical bodies and postpone the effects of aging. Testosterone and HGH are linked, which is why some athletes use them together. In 2021, Johnson was suspended from the United States Olympic team for using HGH without a medical prescription. He was ultimately cleared of any wrongdoing and returned to competition.


Two years later, Johnson tried to import anabolic steroids, but was again banned. He instead signed to work with Performance Enhancement drugs, or peptides, which are not banned. The problem with this is that he would be exposing himself to steroid use while trying to avoid exposure to HGH. In July, he was arrested and taken into custody at a hotel in Brisbane, Australia. He is currently free while awaiting court proceedings. HGH is still illegal in the United States.


Many professional athletes think they can get away with HGH while avoiding having to deal with the legal ramifications of using it. For that reason, they frequently test positive for HGH before an exhibition event or match. While no formal testing is required, the athlete is still guilty of using a banned substance, which could result in heavy fines or even suspension.

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Recently, WWE wrestlers have been caught using HGH as well. Hulk Hogan is being sued by several individuals who believe he used it during his reign over the company. Sting and Big Show are the two most notable figures to face legal issues in recent times. It would seem that if they are proven guilty, they face long-term consequences.


Many sports fans, including WWE stars, will be watching closely to see how this case plays out. If HGH is indeed banned, it could seriously impact WWE’s merchandise sales, which come off a year from now. In addition, as a heel, it could greatly hurt their chances at winning the World Heavyweight title. The legal issues with HGH are wide-spread and, for WWE, could turn into a big headache.