Coronavirus and the Last Six Months

We were all very well aware of the start of the novel coronavirus and how it had spread in Wuhan. Later, the diseases spread in entire China were also the headlines. But that warning of the rapid spread of the virus was not enough for other countries to take it seriously. Anyhow, coming forth six months later; today the coronavirus is still everywhere.

The widely spread disease has now affected more than 10 million people around the globe. Where a 2.5 million affected population is just present in the U.S. Now this time period should have been enough for countries to handle the spread and flatten the curve. However, only a few countries like New Zealand managed to succeed in this mission so far.

Condition in US and Globally:

Since the spread of the disease; coronavirus, the US is one of the most affected countries so far. With the cases of the affected people raging at the peak, the country has continuously failed to have any bit of control over it. 

As a result, this aggressive and uncontrollable spread of the disease in the US; especially the Southern and Western states, all have stressed up the health workers to an extreme extent. Since this rapid increase, continuing in the second half of 2020 isn’t looking like it’s going to be over; the health workers have the least hope of betterment. 

This raises the thoughts of whether the next six months would do any good in slowing or stopping the disease in the US, and even globally.

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Even though we all want this to be over soon, things seem to be having no slowing down shortly too. Even according to the WHO Director-General, it’s obvious that we all want things to fall back into place and get normal for everyone. 

However, in his Tedros recent statement, he mentioned how the reality portrays that the disease is nowhere close to being ended. Which so much stress in the hospitals and among the health workers, we can only hope ad fulfill our duty of following the SOPs to expect the situation to get better anytime soon – or at least try for it!