Why do the Trump polls 2020 getting substandard day by day?

A poll trembled the 2020 race a few weeks ago. In all the main Michigan, former vice president Joe Bidden leads President Trump by an outstanding 12 points. Joe Bidden had already declared himself as the Democratic nominee in all the essential delegates. On Friday night, he officially became the presumptive nominee according to the Associated Press as he surpassed the 1991 delegates. So, it shows that Bidden is being liked in that race.

So, it seems that things will actually be subnormal for Trump in 2020. The poll that was going to be held on Tuesday as the earlier Michigan poll and Detroit Free Press has reported it. In the meanwhile, it suddenly takes a turn. The reason behind this is according to EPIC MRA, Biden’s margin was actually 16 points. 

So, here you can get a clear idea and it actually sounds that Trump’s number depreciated this week. Moreover, the reason behind this is that when you will associate it with the previous EPIC-MRA’S that held in January will depict that Biden has 6 points. These sorts of things will show a clear deterioration of Trump. Biden was at plus 6 in January then went to plus12 and now at plus 16. 

Now the thing is former vice president Bidden is leading from president Trump by 7 points. All the NBC news- Wall Street Journal Poll, Washington Post ABC News poll, and NPR-PBS-Marist has declared that news. 

Trump polls 2020

Hillary Clinton responded to this situation and claimed the label in 2016 and talked about the Democrats who might be optimistic about the situation which is going to happen in 2020. So, Biden is getting up in that poll, and let’s see which is going to occur next. 

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Trump responded to this situation and reported Monday morning as “CNN pools are fake and their Reporting is Fake as well. Same number and even worse against Hillary Clinton. Trump further reported that these sorts of things will abolish America”.

The next thing from which you get an idea that Trump polls are getting worse is the coronavirus pandemic and the death of George Floyd. George Floyd who was in police custody died due to the widespread demonstration and the situation became worse in America. It took a serious political change as the nation is blaming Trump for it. The rating of Trump has even fallen to 13.2. 

Furthermore, Colin Powel, who is the secretary of state under George, declared that he is going to vote for Joe Biden in November. 

So, these are some facts and figures which showed that the Trump poll is getting down day by day. However, there are chances of Trump falling down in the next elections which are going to be held in November.