The New Mask Rule and Florida:

With the pandemic being here and staying for quite some time now, it’s now more than ever, very important for everyone to start leading their lives with the SOPs practiced uniformly. Since the only solution to this coronavirus disease can be a vaccine, which we all know isn’t going to be in the markets anytime soon.

Now keeping all these aspects in mind and following the lockdown and social distancing rules, many people have learned to meet with the terms of this new lifestyle. And since there’s no other option available, we’re all finding our ways to deal with the rules that must be followed. As it is a situation of either DO or DIE. 

But that doesn’t mean that the SOPsf or mandatory rules to deal with this pandemic wouldn’t be increased or restricted to the local population, right? Besides, they are who need to follow extra security measures in this hard time. But is that of any good?

Florida and the New mask Rule:

Now let’s not go anywhere deep or too far away; as Florida itself has been facing a scale of the pandemic continuing to increase. And in times like these, the safe ones need to be extra-safe while performing their worldly affairs. 

Since different territories are finding their ways of returning to normal living in some sense. And more than that, they are working on making businesses open again in a safe manner. But before that, having control over the cases of coronavirus is the utmost important thing for the people there.

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And so, cities present in the Miami-Dade countries are applied with strict safety measures. This includes the new rule of wearing masks at all terms. This means that whether you’re a shopkeeper or a customer, you are supposed to be wearing a mask. So everyone working and visiting inside grocery stores, pharmacies, convenience stores, and restaurants, etc. are supposed to be wearing masks. 

Now to make this rule followed efficiently; the faculty is working on arranging enough masks for the entire community.


Now the current studies have ensured that wearing masks is an effective way to reduce the chances of coronavirus spread. And since the mandatory rule of wearing masks is now effectively practiced in Florida; let’s hope now that the hospital’s pressure reduces.