Microsoft’s Physical Stores Permanently Closing

With the global pandemic, it’s obvious for businesses to face a tough time. As they either have to keep their business behind closed doors or make them work through online platforms. Now it’s obvious that those who aren’t being able to catch up with their business online are facing dead ends and hardships. But when it comes to talking about largely relied and working business brands like Microsoft, how are they dealing with the situation?

A Safer Option to Manage Microsoft Businesses:

With the worldwide spread of Microsoft retail shops and business, it’s hard to consider that the company wouldn’t look for a way to handle things smartly without going all shut. So, this giant Washington based software company broke the news of keeping all their physical retail shops permanently closed.

And for effective and continuous management of the business, they have declared that the company would be serving the community online. And for the services, all of its team members will be working remotely from corporate facilities; so that everyone can follow the surrounding as well as business requirements effectively.

Now with all that, there’s no doubt that this huge announcement made by Microsoft’s CEO might cause a bit loss to them, but it is still effective and equally important in the present situation. However, the retail employee’s position in the company might be less needed here. 

But to make things clear and sort out great stress for many; one of Microsoft’s spokeswomen declared that the current retail employees would also be given opportunities in different roles. And since Microsoft has been successfully able to serve communities having almost 120 different languages; this might be an important aspect of making their company grow online.

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Now, this might not be easy for the company, since Microsoft has always been more of a physically accessed platform. But since the passage of time and its advancements are making the community move more towards the digital platform; this might come as just the right decision at the right time for Microsoft.