iOS 14: Update in Apple’s Operating System

The iPhone has always been a top-rated smartphone brand for everyone around the world. And all those who have used it (or even the ones who haven’t) can surely agree on the fact that Apple’s most demanding feature has been its simple, stylish, and easy-to-use operating system.

From the decent layout to easy access to all the apps and the quality feel of using an iPhone, everything about using the iPhone gives us great pleasure and usage quality in every way. However, things don’t remain the same for a long time, right? And so, Apple is also ready to change the most adored fact about the iPhone now.

iOS 14 Updates:

From the look of what iOS 14 has served us all with the news of its arrival in the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), all of us can see how the simple layout is going to change a bit. And as much as it doesn’t seem to be that huge of an issue, we only see if it serves as well as the simple iPhone operating system has served us until now, right?

But wait! If you think that that’s all to what the iOS 14 is coming forth with; then you’re certainly wrong in that. As other than the obvious layout, many of the features would also be updated; following with some upgrades. This includes:

  • A beautiful redesigning of all the home screen widgets
  • Addition of an App Library on the home screen
  • Includes a compact design for users multitasking needs
  • Upgraded FaceTime that allows you to use other apps alongside
  • A Siri with expanded knowledge and task performance
  • Updated messages app that allows you to prioritize the conversations
  • The updated Memoji addition on messages has tons of new options for everyone
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Now these are certainly not all the updates iOS 14 will serve us with, but they certainly are enough to have a clearer view on what is coming up. So do you think that all these additional upgrades and the technical layout of this new iOS would make its place in our hearts, or not? Well, we’ll have to wait to figure that out now!